Friday, October 1, 2010

If You Want to: Use Magneto's USB...

Afraid of damaging your USB drive when trying to remove it? The Jab Nab, coming from Germany, is one of the most "why didn't I think of that?" devices I have seen this year.

 To simply put, you connect the first half to the female port, just like any other USB. The catch here is that you pull off the other half, and connect it to the male end. Bringing these two halves together will cause them to magically reconnect, instantly connecting and bringing a heck of a lot more convenience to the table. I cannot point a finger at the exact storage  compaccities, but I do know that nothing seems to be so easy to use:

JAB NAB is a magnetic connection system for connecting devices to USB ports. 

Take JAB NAB for the easiest, fastest and most secure connection of devices with the USB interface. 

All contacts ensure reliable contact closure when 
Merged by the magnetic force. 

When accidental cutting by high power costs are not damaged. The connection can be restored.

Use the JAB NAB for easy connection of devices such as PCs,
Laptop computers, game consoles, video cameras and much more.
 All non-major links lead to maintenance pages, so this is a relatively new product. The standard set goes for. 9.80 Euros.