Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 weird (yet awesome) USB drives.

USB's today are as prominent in todays world as notepads were way back when, (and are still in wide use now for most professions). Yet there is a line between being creative, and just going totally off the deep end! Many of us want to be unique. Well, I can assure you that that will be the cause if you get one of these puppies. More after the jump.

In no ranking order:

5. Star Wars Storm Trooper USB Drive by Funko

     I have something to confess, I love storm troppers. Anything related to the generic henchmen of the Empire deserves my full attention, and this is no exception. Able to store over a hefty gig of whatever-ya-want, this is a true gift to the Star Wars fan. Oh, and the only way to access said flash drive is to decapitate the poor fellow. Though we can imagine that others have suffered worse fates.

4. Rocky 3, crunching USB

     Rocky was one of my favorite movies that I saw growing up, (VHS forever!). Yet personally I have had to chance in guessing that this would make a good idea for a flash drive. 

Now if it was automated, then maybe we wound talk...

3. Cat tail USB drive

There are multiple variants of the cat tail drive everywhere, each somehow making the simple tail a symbol of- well I don't know, it’s just really funny seeing a tail jetting out from your laptop! Wouldn’t all that synthetic fur shed and/or find its way to your sensitive electro-stuffs? Only time will tell!

2. USB desktop vacuum??

     This just blew my mind! This may not count as a flash drive but what it doesn’t give in storing data it gives back inhaling your crumbs and apparently random confetti you have sprinkles around your desk. If only other USB devices made life more convenient...

1. USB Crocodile Memory stick

     To be honest, this sides more with more contradictory features of the USB drive. I still haven’t thought of a humble stuffed croc holding 4 gi-- wait, ONLY 125 MB?? Why would I want this at all? If I were to buy a 4 or even 64 gig, then cut a small hole into any small stuffed animal and stuff it in there, it would be more convenient than having this behemoth flopped next to your laptop, killing the entire sense of portability. In other words, it sucks...