Friday, September 17, 2010

They can feel...well, not quite

Great, now they can adjust themselves to injury, I guess my shotgun shells aren't going to save me now. Engineers at Cornell have developed a robot that can adjust to its "injuries": More after the jump

"This four-legged robot is not preprogrammed to walk. Like a newborn animal it explores itself and learns to use its limbs to move. When a leg is damaged, it repeats the process and works out a new method of locomotion."

So instead of having instantly mature and adept bots doing the same meninal tasks, we have, in essence, a bot with a blank mind that learns how to walk again after being injured. Does this mean the metal can regenerate itself?

"Graduate student Viktor Zykov, former student Josh Bongard, now a professor at the University of Vermont, and Hod Lipson, Cornell assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, watch as a starfish-like robot pulls itself forward, using a gait it developed for itself. the robot's ability to figure out how it is put together, and from that to learn to walk, enables it to adapt and find a new gait when it is damaged." (Cornell)

Not as awesome, but I'll take it.If only this technology could be applied to sentry guns...

Source: Cornell University