Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The First Person Shooter, Can It Be Great Once More?

I guess you could say I'm "hard core" gamer due to the amount of time I dedicate towards playing games. Over the past decade I have watched the first person shoot genre (FPS) evolve and become something great. But these days it seems like the genre is loosing steam in terms of quality.

I will always love the FPS genre since it's what I grew up with as did many other gamers. The thing is the gaming market has become super saturated with shooting games and the vast majority of these games have nothing new to offer. All of the Call of Duties and the Halo's have just become bland and repetitive; only geared towards the gamer who enjoys online multiplayer.

Sure online multiplayer is entertaining but the single player experience is so much more important in my eyes. I feel like the mainstream first person shooters lack substance with their tacked on single player campaigns. Which I feel takes away from the overall experience, if the developers want to invest most of their time into the multiplayer I feel that they should simply produce a multiplayer game only.

That is not my only concern, there seems to be a lack of innovation in the FPS genre these days, mainly in the more popular games which shocks me. I feel like all the Call of Duties after the fourth installment are just expansions not many significant improvements or alterations to the gameplay mechanic or visuals, which is very disappointing. I know, I am superficial when it comes to games; its hard not to like pretty games I fell like they add to the gaming experience by creating a greater level of immersion.

For the FPS genre to progress and escape this rut that it is currently in rests in the hands of the developers. It is their choices that will ultimately decide the future of this genre that millions of gamers enjoy so much. So I hope that the developers will put on their thinking caps once again and produce some new, fresh and innovative first person shooters.