Thursday, November 11, 2010

Empathy vs. Cyberspace

I have just watched this insightful vid from RSAnimate regarding empathy, regarding the concept of all humans and animals under the biosphere of empathy. 

I have wondered since: If the obliteration of time and space has brought people together and has since gave creation to a larger sphere of empathy, then, in theory, how would that relate to the Internet?

I can safely say that the Internet was by far the biggest destroyer of time and space between persons since the telephone and the railroad, allowing communication with people literally on the other side of the planet in under mere milliseconds. Along with instant communications, there also should have been the notion of considering all humans as members of this new universe, thus implying the greatest notion of empathy that can be attainable between humans.

Yet, sadly, this is not the case. In fact, It is the complete opposite of empathy. Most instances equate to seeing a story of a family's hardship on the local news. Most simply reply “Oh, too bad.”, with stinging indifference. While some even have th nerve to state “Ha! Thats what they get for [blah blah blah]”. We see it in Youtube comments all the time. Anything that features someone perusing skill at ANYTHING, most likely is taken under fire by trolls, thus sparking the equivalent of drunken bar brawls on the Internet. I can't find a reason. Can you? Do you have any reasons to why such a instantaneous bringing together of man can bring such indifference?